Publications and Presentations

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Devlin, N.A. (2021). Vulnerable integrity: Two whistleblower cases in public universities. Journal of College and University Law, 46(2), 360-384.

Devlin, N.A. (2018). Faculty Title VII and Equal Pay Act Cases in the 21st Century. Journal of College and University Law, 44(1), 96-124. 

Devlin, N.A. (2017). Cyber Schooling and Betsy DeVos: A Personal Perspective. Mid-Atlantic Education Review, 5(1), 23-31. URL:

Devlin, N.A. (2016). The Inconvenience of $1.50. The Society Pages: Cyborgology [Blog]. URL:

Selected Conference Presentations and Materials

There Is Nothing Passive About Collective Action: How to Deal with Obnoxious Jerks. (Text available upon request). AESA 2022 National Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Storying Ourselves Whole: Taking a Healing Orientation When Studying Higher Education Court Cases. (Text available upon request). AESA 2021 National Conference, November 2021.

How Shared Governance Can Protect Whistleblowers
Presentation for AAUP Shared Governance Conference, June 17, 2021

Apathy or Activism? Academic Freedom in the Caellian 1952-1957
Presentation for History of Education Society Conference, November 6, 2020

Post-Secondary Faculty Free Speech Cases Since Garcetti
Presentation for Education Law Association Conference, November 2020

Labor as Contingent as Free Speech: Adjunct Free Speech Cases Since 2006
Presentation for Collective Bargaining in Higher Education Conference, October 20, 2020

Engendering Regression: Gender Pay Inequity in Faculty Salaries
Presentation for American Educational Research Association, April 2019

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